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If you're an experienced COACH looking for a simpler, faster, and repeatable way to fill your programs (without complicated funnels and high-pressure sales tactics), join us!

During our free training, you will learn the Winning Workshop Week™ framework to turn leads into hot-to-buy paying clients in 7 days or less!


Hey there! Sharell Weeams is a Forbes-featured Business Growth & Sales Strategist helping coaches & consultants build a 7-figure business, 6 figures at a time
by planning, promoting, and producing profitable workshop weeks to sell out your group coaching programs. By combining the right strategies with processes and accountability, she'll help you multiply your income without compromising the freedom and flexibility you crave.

Unlike many industry experts, her entire MBA education & 15-year career has been spent as a marketing & business development practitioner helping service-based business owners, like you, increase revenue (over $100 million dollars...and counting). The strategies she advises on aren’t based on theory; they’re based on time-tested, proven & practical strategies that get amazing results. In other words, she's the real deal.

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