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The 3 Pro Tips My Clients Use to Fill Their Calendars With Sales Calls

And the One Strategy I Use to Book 30+ Calls Within 30 Days

...without spending a dime or hustling 80+ hours per week to do it

Here's What You'll Learn in the Presentation:

  • The 3 pro tips my clients use to fill their calendar up with sales calls every month.
  • How I booked 30+ calls within 30 days without spending a dime or hustling 80+ hours per week to do it.
  • How to POWERFULLY position yourself as an authority and attract your PERFECT client.
  • The key to crafting outcome-based offers that practically sell themselves and increase the value of your solution.
  • Time-tested, SMART marketing strategies that allow you to generate limitless leads and clients in your business, even if you are working on limited time and budget.
  • How to do all of these while remaining 100% true to who you are without feeling the need to become a carbon copy of someone else.

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Sharell Weeams is on a mission to show you that you can have all the leads, clients and income you want — without limits. She ditched cushy corporate job to start her own business in 2013 and soon found herself steamrolled by the never-ending to-do list as a solopreneur. But instead of cracking under the pressure of a growing business, she decided to create innovative systems and structures, truly eliminating the road blocks, bottlenecks and full-on breakdowns that so many service providers face. From her 12 years of in-the-field marketing experience to the astonishing $100 million in revenue she’s made for her clients, she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when your faith is big enough, you are truly limitless.